Blue Gill Eco Park

Recycling is no longer what your bleeding heart neighbour does. Every household – offices and factories too – should be making recycling a habit. It’s no longer a question of whether resources will run out, but when. And scientists concur – climate change is happening. Major lifestyle changes – building green homes or living off the grid – are not yet necessary, but if you’re not already recycling, you’re being irresponsible.

What Can I Recycle?

Most household packaging and containers are recyclable:

Newspapers, flyers, brochures, magazines, egg cartons, plain paper, cards, most boxes. Food, beverage & beer cans and containers, paint tins, oil cans, aerosol cans. All glass bottles, jars, containers, bottle caps and tops, seeding trays, meat, veggie trays. Almost all types of plastic, polystyrene, cellophane, plastic packaging, toiletry, cosmetic containers, plastic toys, electrical cords, garden furniture, window frames and much more.

What Can't I Recycle?

Any glass other than glass containers. None of the following are acceptable as they may contain lead and other compounds:

Sheet, flat and float glass, light bulbs, drinking glasses, mirrors, Pyrex and other types of ovenware. Porcelain, ceramic, china crockery or ornaments. Paper that’s waxed, glued, plastic- or foil-coated. Chemically treated fax, photographic paper, dog food bags, hessian bags, wax-coated boxes, paper towels and tissues, lever arch files, spectacles, cling wrap, sweet or chocolate bar wrappers, chip packets and Tupperware.

What is accepted at the Blue Gill Ecopark recycling container?

Plastic, paper, corrugated cardboard, cans and bottles.

Do I need to prepare the waste in any way?

Please rinse food and liquor containers to prevent the generation of odours. Flatten containers to take up as little space as possible.

What do I do with my E-waste?

All E-waste (electric and electronic waste) can be delivered to the Blue Gill office for separate storage in the E-waste container.

What about garden waste?

Blue Gill is encouraging homeowners to save money on compost by doing backyard composting with leaves and grass clippings. Purpose made containers and additives are available in the market to ensure an odour free composting operation. Contact the Blue Gill office for more information. A communal composting facility in Blue Gill is under investigation to deal with excess garden waste.

How Do We Benefit?

  • We receive money to beautify the clubhouse.
  • We preserve our natural resources.
  • We help to protect our planet for future generations
  • We become Eco-pioneers, leading the way in environmental conservation